Charlene "Charlie" Bessken

Seminars I've Attended

Painting With Friends Weekend - Colorado 2009

Charlie's memo clip - side 1

Charlie's memo clip - side 2

Sarah's memo clip

Charlie's samples of birds

Sarah's demo

Sarah's hibiscus and McNaughton - she did great!

Sarah's hibiscus demo

Another of Sarah's samples

One of Sarah's samples

Sheri's rose demo

Sherrel's roses - OMG!

The front row characters

One of Deb's wonderful watercolors

Laura - promised to demo this next year.

Sheri's lady in grey demo

Charlie's hibiscus

Charlie's roses

Charlie's columbine (Robin's demo)

Charlie's watercolor card (Deb's demo)

Charlie's soap (Robin's demo)

Pin that Diane Chavez made

McNaughton monochromatic color theory (Sherrel's demo) - this one painted by Charlie

Highlighting ribbon demo - these are Charlie's doodles - needs work!

Charlie's Lady in Grey - not finished yet

Charlie's - finished!


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