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Charlene "Charlie" Bessken


One Stroke Painting

I have been painting since 2002.  And never would have guessed I could.  Like many people I would watch Donna Dewberry work her magic on TV, I'd buy the kits and then store them in the closet.  When the Folk Art Enamel glass paint came out something clicked and I've been painting ever since.  Now I paint on almost anything.  So far Whiskers, my cat, has avoided changing color.

It really is as easy as Donna says.  It might take some practice with some strokes and working on layout.  Working on glass is much easier than paper - so give that a try.

I have been a crafter all of my life.  My mom, Eleanor, was a great crafter and taught me sewing, knitting, quilting, working with paper, etc.

I became a One Stroke Certified Instructor by taking training in April 2005 in Madison, WI (that's the area where I grew up, so it was fun to go back there).

I'm a member of the Black Hills Area Decorative Artists and the Society of Decorative Painters.

Wildlife Biologist

I'm also a Certified Wildlife Biologist and work full time as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist.  Many of the things I paint are nature-related.  If you are trying to contact me and can't find me, I'm probably outside which is where I prefer to be.  So be sure to leave a message when you call.  Thanks.

In the photo, I'm holding a 10-day old peregrine falcon chick.  It was being placed into an existing nest near the top of the Capitol Building in Madison, WI.


I'm originally from Wisconsin (yes, a Cheesehead).  I've been in South Dakota since 2002.  




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